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The content of this Portfolio will include the bulk of my work for my Masters in Education Technology.  There will be videos describing the many uses of Education Technology and how they make our classrooms a better place.  Included will be 4 modules that will depict this mission of figuring out what it takes to be an education technology professional and how we can pass that knowledge on to others.  Finally there will be a capstone project encapsulates all the important content that was learned throughout this course, and how we can use this information going forward.  Hope you enjoy my Ed tech journey.

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Blake Galligan

My Experience

Senior Teacher

August 2019 - Present

As senior teacher continued my duties as a normal ESL teacher but also had some managerial duties tacked on as well.  These included class observations of other teachers, schedule making, attending senior teacher and Foreign Academic Manger trainings, and expected to have a better class quality overall to set an example for the regular full time teachers.

PBL Teacher/Music Teacher

July 2020 - December 2020

PBL (Project Based Learning) and Music Teacher for Public Primary School.  Helped with developing the cirriculum for the PBL program and implementing a variety of teaching strategies to get the students to boost their creativity and critical thinking.  

Taught choir music to Grades 1 - 3.  Helped in the development of new styles of teaching Music in the modern world and the overall singing quality for students singing as a group.  

English/Music Teacher

March 2015 - July 2019

2 years spent as an ESL Teacher and a Homeroom teacher at a private Kindergarten in Chengdu.  Carried out a wide variety of tasks including English teaching, Music teaching, and physical education.  Also helped the school with hosting piano recitals, holiday performances, and ongoing events.

Primary/Middle School English Teacher

August 2012 - August 2014

ESL teacher for Primary and Middle School level.  Helped in all areas of students English level development including reading, writing, listening, and speaking.  Also was a PBL teacher in where we used Project Based Learning to use a flipped classroom approach and increase the students in class hands on involment and critical thinking.

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