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Teacher Interviews

Teacher Interviews: FAQ

Name one device that you would integrate in our classes today if you could?

EL:  Laptop
A:    Laptop
E:    IWB
F:  Laptop, sometimes need to give some Englsh videos or web to search something.

How proficient would you say you are with Ed tech?

EL:  Depends on the task at hand, maybe 6
A:  8
E:  4
F:  6

Do you think our demos could use more technology integration.

EL:   No need, its for education and entertainment.  20 minues for demo, want to be able to use all technology.  Main point of demo is to introduce with school class, and teacher.  Real class. 
A:  Yes, make kids feel more comfortable, games, music, excited the kids.  
E:   No,  because the parents think the screen can hurt the student’s eyes and its a distraction.  Better for face to face interaction
F:  No, because only 20 minutes, more TPR with kids and more actual conversation

What other specific devices do you think we need in our regular classes?

EL:  Phone and Smartboard
A:   IPads/Tablet for engagement 
E:  Speakers, especially for music when playing songs
F:  Phone, because we can search things we need quickly such as wechat, qq music, and bilbili

What percentage of technology do you use in your classes right now?

EL:  20%
A:    40%
E:   10%
F:    20%

How would you deal with technology failure during a lesson?

EL:  Use my flashcards
A:    Use my plan B, flashcards.  Or drawing on the boards.
E:  Will continue using book or flashcards to continue the lesson.
F:  Have a backup device.  Be prepared to Sing songs by ourselves wihtout tech ifwe need. If the students are older, we should find some worksheets for them to do if possible

How do you keep parents informed about technology?

EL:  Review Videos and Feedback through Wechat
A:    Review Videos and Feedback through Wechat
E:   Use i2 school app, see feedback, and homework on the app. 
F:   Use wechat to communicate with parents, review videos are all sent through wechat

Can you tell me about a specific app that has particularly helped you in the classroom?

EL:  i2 App
A:   Youtube
E:   i2 App
F:  Bilibili

Do you think the use of pens and paper are out of touch in the modern world of teaching?

EL:  No, will still be pertinent for a long tie to come for education
A:  No, taking away these things will take a lot away from the kids, they still rely on these a lot
E:  Still use pen and paper, 3 -4 don’t need to write, but can draw, and like traditional
F:  No, because practice with writing.  For little kids like 3 years old, harmful for their eyes, fear of breaking, bigger students have to write something on paper at school.  Handwriting is a very important skill.

From a scale of 1 -10, how ready are our classrooms for Educations technology?

EL:  2
A:    4
E:    5
F:    6

Would you prepare 1;1 or would pairs be better for our class setup?

EL:  Depends on the activity some 1:1 is better, others, a pair sharing an Ipad is okay.
A:   1:1 ratio because classes are smaller only 4 - 6 students, so students can handle it.
E:  In pairs, because can use the device to have discussion
F:  Pairs, because if every kid has an Ipad, its very convenient for them to do everything, if there is a pair the other student can supervise.

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