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Why Ed Tech?

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 Why Ed Tech?

This is quite an interesting question of Why ?  I was actually just doing my daily 67 steps the other day and something that stuck out to me on that was an idea.  "If you want to get to the bottom of something or understand deeper meaning, ask "Why?" 3 times. 

This assignment is a little bit different, but nevertheless really shows the importance of starting with the question Why?, and how it can automatically change peoples' thinking pattern on the spot.  It stops us dead in our tracks to answer this deep thinking question "Why?"

This happened to me when I pondered the idea of why I want to become an Ed tech professional. A couple things came to my mind when pondering this question.

First off, I want to become an Ed tech professional to improve my abilities with technology, especially in regards to teaching. This is at the current point time, a weak spot of my teaching. And I believe by taking this course it will throw me in plenty of tech situations I am uncomfortable with (it already has actually haha) and will make me figure out the problems at a higher level. I believe my teaching at the moment, even though having 8 years of experience, is lacking a few things, and one of the key things is fluency with technology. Its a big gap in my teaching that has become more apparent in the last couple of years, and it was one I want to fill up to the point where I can be confident in a number of tech situations in the classroom.

Another reason I want to do this, is to eventually help others address the same problem I am facing now in the my education field. After taking the course and using some of the skills I've learned for a decent amount of time, I know I will be able to pass this knowledge on to not only students, but other educators as well. In doing this, we can use a plethora of technology to make the teaching environment a better environment and a more efficient learning space. And turn eventually making the world a better place.  Cause in the end, a better classroom equals a better world.

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